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We are a bakery producing Kolaches, pronounced Co-La-Chee (Well, I’ll just say that’s how I pronounce it). They are an Old World pastry that is popular today in the Mid-West. I know them as a Texas treat from my industrial experience working with Texans that came to the Northwest. Growing up in the Northwest I’d never heard of them. But I quickly appreciated the varieties that had meat! I saw them as a lower carb alternative to donuts. Nothing against donuts, but for me personally the Meat Kolache proteins didn’t have me crashing with low blood sugar an hour later.

So now I’m retired from industry and doing a new venture, a Bakery! I’m working with a professional baker so I’m not taking any credit for the high quality and consistency, but I am a customer and enjoy them as an on the go snack, or a quick meal to get me started or keep going during the day, they’re great! For my Vendor friends that have called on me over my years industry, I say pick up a box of these meaty treats for your next sales call, you will stand out and be appreciated. Remember, they may not remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel. A customer that feels appreciated will call you back when they need your product or service.

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