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Here’s how we make the dough!

Pacific Northwest Kolache
Restaurant Guru

Process begins with waking up the yeast in a warm sweet place, happy yeast equals happy dough. Below you see the stages between first flour, then first mix, and a slow motion video of the final smooth dough before it is placed in raising chambers, you can see the dough has risen MANY times it’s original volume in photos below. Next week well look at rolling the dough and filling each kolache carefully by hand.

Above you see flour added to the warm happy yeast mixture.
This is the first mix that will become the smooth wonderful dough you’ll see next.

Above the dough is ready to be transferred to the rising chambers.
Below you see the dough looking very happy and still rising!
It started off as 2 inches deep in the bottom of a 12 inch tall rising chamber.
Next week we’ll look at the kneading, rolling process. But while the dough is rising there still lots of activity like chopping and preparing the various fillings as you see below.

I like meat Kolaches, but some don’t so in response to requests we are making new flavors and styles. Even working on a gluten free dough. Everyone is different and so can Kolaches. That’s why we say “Northwest Style” because we are adapting this fun, handy nutritional form of food to our local varied appetites. Have an idea? Let us know, we’ll work on it.

Each Kolache is made from scratch, here you see Vicki creating a new vegetarian flavor. Not yet ready for sale but as soon as she prepares each step in the process, then taste tests final result she will put them on the menu, and yes, every Kolache we produce is not only made from scratch but also by hand.

With the recent purchase of our two tier gas range Vicki quickly put it to use developing a whole new series of vegetarian flavors.

10 thoughts on “Here’s how we make the dough!

  1. Rick Pennington May 27, 2021 — 11:48 am

    Please make Bierocks! Your food looks amazing. I will be stopping in sometime soon.

    1. +10000! I love a kolach but bierocks are that “weekend at grandma’s” sort of comfort food I’ve never really had outside Nebraska.

      1. Nebraska!?!? I liked the Runza in Kearney.

  2. Just bought a home in Marysville, back to the area I grew up! I’ll be looking forward to stopping by and checking the place out! The Food looks great!

    1. Welcome back, yep this is a home town bakery, no chain store here, a baker from Silvana and cook from Mt. Vernon, one of the owners grew up on a dairy in Marysville. No preservatives, food is prepared to order, and is a nice moist savory or sweet wholesome treat or meal.

  3. I just discovered what kolaches are in Texas! So glad there is a place local that know kolaches! Yummy 😋

  4. When are you actually open? Have stopped by twice when you are supposedly open to find it closed both times.

    1. Normally open Thursday Friday Saturday 10AM to 4:30PM – today (March 18, 2022) was car trouble getting to work, might be closed rest of weekend but once back on the road we’ll be back to open Thursday Friday Saturday 10AM to 4:30PM

    2. I am up and open again today…(Saturday March 19, 2022)…sorry for the inconvenience to you.
      Call me with your order 25 minutes ahead (@360-302-1790) and i will have your kolaches hot & ready to go
      when you arrive.

  5. Transplants from Texas need some sausage and cheese kolaches! Can’t wait! 😋

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