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Developing new flavors everyday!

I like meat Kolaches, but some don’t so in response to requests we are making new flavors and styles. Even working on a gluten free dough. Everyone is different and so can Kolaches. That’s why we say “Northwest Style” because we are adapting this fun, handy nutritional form of food to our local varied appetites. Have an idea? How about a Crab stuffed Kolache, or a full Keto Kolache! Let us know, we’ll work on it.

Each Kolache is made from scratch, here you see Vicki creating a new vegetarian flavor. Not yet ready for sale but as soon as she prepares each step in the process, then taste tests final result she will put them on the menu, and yes, every Kolache we produce is not only made from scratch but also by hand.

With the recent purchase of our two tier gas range Vicki quickly put it to use developing a whole new series of vegetarian flavors.

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